Chocolate Almost Too Beautiful To Eat!

Corporate Events and Other Large Venues
Gifting, Party favors, Giveaways, Dessert Items and Tastings 
Your Business Counts! Give your important clients, employees and colleagues beautiful custom hand painted chocolates with amazing flavors that are sinfully delicious.  A gift they will never forget.

Everything is Customized and Made to Order!

Golf Outings

Have a golf outing coming up?  What better item to display on your dessert table than beautifully designed chocolate golf ball truffles.   They can be personalized with a company logo, color and flavor. They can also be the  the ultimate gift for your clients as a party favor/giveaway or gift. 


What a perfect way to say thank you or to show your appreciation to your clients, colleagues or employees during the holidays.   Our chocolates define elegance and each piece is meticulously hand painted and/or airbrushed. Each truffle or bonbon is filled with amazing and innovative flavors.  Our chocolates are presented in gorgeous gift boxes that will surely impress or beautifully presented as a dessert item or tastings.

Dessert Items and Tastings


Party Favors/Giveaways  

Beautiful  party favors/giveaways for your clients, guest or colleagues.  Select from a wide range of shapes, colors and flavors.   Customized with selected packaging, company ribbons and/or company logo.

Please call to set up and appointment to discuss pricing, packaging, design choices or any  other questions.   
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