Chocolate Almost Too Beautiful To Eat!

Our Story.....


Lesa started baking with her mom, threes sisters and six brothers in a small country kitchen.   "We all loved to bake.  We would have baking wars to see who could make the best 'cow paddies. Cow paddies consisted of cocoa, butter, sugar, peanut butter and what ever else you could find in the kitchen to make yours the best.  We laughed a lot and had so much fun.  That is how the name Sweet Thoughts came about.  I have so many great memories about family and baking."  

After working in the family construction business for over 25 years Lesa chose to follow her dream and enrolled in the pasty/baking and chocolatier program at Schoolcraft College in Livonia Michigan. Once in the Chocolatier program, her passion was ignited. Chocolate became a way for her to express her artistic ability. While mastering the creation of beautiful, exotic chocolates she experimented with pairing eclectic flavors of fresh fruits, purees, spices, teas and other wonderful ingredients.

“I’m constantly thinking out of the box with different concepts,  flavors and unique ideas that can be designed through the art of chocolate. My customers always come first. Their opinions and satisfaction are what makes me strive to produce such a quality product. When I have a happy customer I feel good inside. 

Sweet thoughts has a new product called Sweet Krispy Chips.  They are predominantly made with flaxseeds, chia seeds, almonds and honey. These bite size treats are irresistibly crunchy and offer a balanced sweet and nutty flavor. They are filled with omega 3, fiber and protein and are the perfect nutritional snack for your healthy lifestyle.